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Artificial Grass

Over the years artificial grass has become quite popular with clients who are after a maintenance free solution for there garden. With the product range ever increasing and the grass becoming even more realistic looking, many people are turning to artificial grass as a maintenance free solution for there gardens. Brinel Landscapes has several approved suppliers which offer an impressive range of high quality products and we would be happy to provide you with some samples upon request.


A few benefits of having artificial grass:-


* Maintenance free


* Easy to clean


* No unsightly weeds, bare patches or moss


Artificial grass is available in many different heights and with different shades. It is pet and child friendly and easy to keep clean.


Since June 2018, Brinel Landscapes is proud to add Perma Lawn as one of our new preferred suppliers of Artificial grass. All grass from Perma Lawn is European manufactured and is guaranteed for a minimum of seven years. Contact us if you require any samples and we will be glad to help.

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