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Garden & Grounds Maintenance - Commercial

Below are some examples of regular grounds maintenance programmes we have

carried out for various housing associations, commercial properties and domestic clientele.

Garden & Grounds Maintenance - Domestic

Below you will find various photos taken from gardening maintenance of Domestic properties.

Scroll down to see some of our works in progress, before's and afters . . . 

Maintenance Free Project

These photographs show stages of construction involved in the creation of low maintenance bedded areas. The client reported that the area was constantly becoming over grown with weeds, making it almost impossible to maintain.  The initial part of this project involved the removal of weeds and debris, then the re-levelling of the ground. The next step was the installation of a suitable Geo-textile weed membrane, to prevent further growth of weeds with the final stage being the addition of decorative aggregate to complete the look and provide a garden which is now maintenance free for the client.

Artificial Grass Projects

Artificial grass provides a maintenance free solution for your garden. It looks good, is hard wearing and comes in a variety of shades, textures and heights. We can supply and install this and even provide designs and ideas for your garden too. Our reputable suppliers provide an excellent range of high quality products and we can provide samples to you upon request.

Scroll down to see some more of our works in progress, before's and after's . . .